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Factories, warehouses, shopping centers, gyms, entertainment and leisure areas, hotels, sports stadiums, restaurants, hangars.

We offer a 12 years warranty with the installation of each unit. The technology used is called HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) and is supported by years of research and development carried out by the manufacturer MacroAir Technologies Inc. It is based on the laws of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics and it has achieved an optimal combination of engines and blade design that result in the most efficient market for large surfaces fans.

Mega HVLS fans for large surfaces

Arco Technologies distributes industrial ceiling fans that are generating significant energy savings to customers who have decided to use our technology. With diameters ranging from 2m. to 7m. get moving unimaginable air flows so far and all with minimal operational expense. It is an excellent solution to the continuous increase in energy prices and fully endorses the current global strategy for energy efficiency of public and private sector.

  • Maximum saving up to 70% in winter and 34% in summer
  • Low cost from 8 cents per hour
  • Maximum operating cost of 1.6 kw/h
  • Rates of return of investment under 2 years
  • 12-year warranty
  • Huge air displacement up to 640,188 m3/h
  • No annoying turbulence
  • Reduced emission of noise (53 dB)
  • Maximizes existing air conditioning system
  • Enhances the effect of air conditioning and heating
  • Coverage up to 6 times the diameter of the fan

Leisure and entertainment areas

Effective movement of air flow to crowds through air movement.

Hangars and maintenance centers

Ventilation of large buildings. Prevents from birds.

Hotels and resorts

Economically efficient, outdoor/indoor cooling and insect repellent

Sport stadiums

Thermal comfort for all seasons


Perfect thermal control. Stratifies the air conditioning