On numerous occasions, finding a high quality product does not guarantee to have completely solved the problem, much of the building failures result from misuse or misapplication. It is also a widespread concern finding skilled laborers, especially for the application of latest technology products. It becomes a real challenge.

To respond successfully to these problems ARCO TECHNOLOGIES proposes its APPLIED SOLUTIONS.

Arco Technologies Applied Solutions will provide the tranquility of the best product, properly installed by our own installation staff.

We offer a complete multidisciplinary team at any time to provide advice and fast and reliable realization of an applied professional solution to your problem. Together we can face and successfully solve any constructive challenge that may arise. If you already know and trust on Arco Technologies products and services, our applied solutions will not disappoint you.


Waterproofing and sealing

Decks, terraces, eaves, joints, drinking water tanks and other liquids or uses, wastewater processing plants, façades, planters, slabs...



Parkings, elevator pits, capillary leaks in walls...


Special pavements

Industry, sports, multilayer continuous coverings, non-slip floors, high physical and chemical resistance, hospital facilities...



Sectoring, panels, intumescent collars, intumescent pads, fireproof mortars...


Structural reinforcing

Plate carbon fiber, carbon fiber bands, structural mortars, structural repairs...


Soluciones con estilo propio.

Acabados de alto standing, viviendas de lujo, arquitectura singular. Fachadas, pavimentos, elementos decorativos, piscinas, spas, hidromasajes…